logo_younglinkYoungLink: “It’s important what you know, but more important who you know!”,

Being Young Professional at the UMCG makes you automatically and without further costs a member of YoungLink. Therefore, we are happy to introduce YoungLink to you!

YoungLink is a network for ambitious Young Professionals under the age of 35 working or graduating at one of the Noorderlink organizations, of which one is the UMCG.

Every month, YoungLink organizes various activies to show you as Youg Professional the opportunities at the Northern labour market, contribute to your personal development, and offer you a change to increase your network in the Northern Netherlands.

YoungLink is broadly oriented, and focuses on topics that are potentially interesting for her target group. For example, we visit different Noorderlink organizations, work with managers and board members to think about actual cases, and there are lots of networking events with interesting lectures, workshops, and presentations.

YoungLink exists since November 2008, and is there to preserve young talented people in the Northern Netherlands. With the slogan “It’s important what you know, but more important who you know!”, we invite you to get to know this low-threshold, interesting, but most of al fun network of Young Professionals!

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