Organizing Committee 2017

GSMS Committee 2017 2




Name: Marika Leving LinkedIn

Department of Human Movement Sciences

Background: BSc Physiotherapy, MSc Human Movement Sciences, University of Groningen

PhD project: Early prevention of shoulder pain during spinal cord injury rehabilitation

Role in the committee – Chairperson: As the chairperson I will oversee all activities of the organizing committee. It is a challenge that I am looking forward to since PhD students are a very unique group to guide: very independent and creative but also with strong personalities.

Future: I think my future career will be in healthcare science and technology or healthcare management. Career planning is a very dynamic process, because personal plans evolve in parallel with healthcare sector. The outcome is an interaction of both. If you are curious about the ways that healthcare will change in the upcoming years, please come visit our conference!



Name: Randy Poelman  in?

Department of Medical Microbiology & Infection prevention, Division of Clinical Virology

Background: Biomedical Sciences, Business & Policy (MSc), University of Groningen

PhD project (2015-2017): Implementation of rapid diagnostics in Clinical virology and the role of diagnostic stewardship

Role in the committee – Program director: Responsible for defining goals and translating common ideas to be able to offer a varied program at the conference. This covers keynotes as well as individual sessions and workshops. I aim to give body to the overall meaning of de conference: the development of PhD’s, both during and after their PhD project. The dimension that I would give to the program should be creating or increasing awareness amongst PhD students on the(ir) opportunities and pitfalls, by giving a view on the (bio)medical/healthcare field in which we act. This will be combined with offering tools to handle your own development within in this field. The future of healthcare will define how we will act, but I would rather bring it the other way around: How and why we act, will define the future of healthcare!




Name: Stephanie Middelkoop

Department of Internal Medicine, Nephrology

Background: BSc Medicine, MD/PhD Program, University Medical Center Groningen

PhD project: Diagnostic approach of urinary tract infections.

Role in the committee – Program director: As a program director I am, together with Randy, responsible for defining goals of the whole conference, as well as of the individual sessions and workshops. We collect ideas and translate them into a potential program to create an interesting, challenging and educational conference.






Name: Laura Smids LinkedIn

Center for Education Development and Research in Health Professions


PhD project:

Role in the committee – Speaker coordinator: As speaker coordinator I am responsible for the speakers of the conference. This year we wanted to take a look in the future of the medical world. The program offers a lot of opportunities to have a taste of what our future will look like. The speakers and workshop hosts will gladly enlighten you about it.







Name: Jurjen van der Schans LinkedIn

Department of PharmacoTherapy, -Epidemiology & -Economy

Background: Pharmaceutical sciences MSc, University of Groningen

PhD project: In my PhD at the department of ParmacoTherapy, -Epidemiology & -Economics I am focusing on the association between attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and atopic allergy, looking into the association itself using the prescription database, but also researching the practical implementation of the association.

Role in committee – Financial officer: In my role as the financial officer I am responsible for budget preparation, care of the accounting and recruitment of sponsors.







Name: Dan Pina Fuentes

Department of Neurosurgery

Background: Medical degree (MD) at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

PhD project: adaptive deep brain stimulation (aDBS) in movement disorders.

Role in the committee: As logistics officer I am in charge of organizing the location, the catering, resources and rooms, among others, in order to run the conference as smoothly as possible and to put everything at disposal of the attendees and speakers.









Name: Linda van Eikenhorst LinkedIn

Department of PharmacoTherapy, -Epidemiology & -Economy

Background: Pharmacy MSc, University of Groningen

PhD project: Pharmacist-led self-management interventions for vulnerable diabetes patients

Role in committee – Communications and PR director: As communications and PR director I am responsible for all internal and external communication regarding the conference. I also coordinate the promotion activities for the conference to make as many PhD students enthusiastic about joining our conference.






Name: Eva van Doorn LinkedIn

Department of PharmacoTherapy, -Epidemiology & -Economy

Background: MSc Pharmacy, University of Groningen

PhD project: Effectiveness of currently available influenza vaccines and the clinical evaluation of new influenza vaccine concepts.

Role in committee – Volunteer coordinator: As the volunteer coordinator I am responsible for the recruitment of volunteers which will help us to make sure the conference runs perfectly.